Singing Lessons Belfast

Singing Lessons Belfast

I believe everyone can sing and this ethos comes through in my teaching. Your voice is an extension of your speaking voice so “Sing like you Speak” to start with. The voice and tuning is something you can improve with hard work and dedication. It doesn’t matter if you have never sung before I will help you to find your voice and therefore your confidence in your voice.

Students can expect a very thorough and patient approach to what you actually need to work on to improve your singing voice. I listen very carefully and focus on giving confidence in performance as well as technically improving the singing voice. I use very detailed and tailored exercises to extend your range and improve posture, breathing and vocal power and range. 

My students will be given clear guidance and advice as well as specific song selection to work on particular styles and sounds. I believe a singer should be able to sing everything if required and I will, therefore, work on all vocal styles including Classical, Musical Theatre, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R& B, Country, Folk, Traditional and Blues helping you to develop a well rounded vocal ability. To find out more about my singing lessons don't hesitate to email me at or call 03458 690679.

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Professional Singing Lessons | Prices: £35 p/h | All Ages & Abilities | Dedicated Teaching Space