Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Belfast

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Belfast

Think you have your songs perfect and ready to record? Why not get the professional service in order to make your recordings sound as great as you do and enlist the services of the many recording studios in the Belfast area. Here we give you abridged reviews of the best ones available.

Amberville Studio is a state-of-the-art recording studio located 40 minutes from the main airports serving Northern Ireland, in a tranquil setting in the countryside, a perfect setting to unlock your creativity. Within the studio, a huge range of microphones and instruments are offered, and a long list of the equipment that the studio can use to get the best possible sound for your recordings. The clients that have been served by Amberville speak for themselves, with producers of Travis, Blondie and the Verve all leaving satisfied by the top-quality services that they have been provided with. Prices are negotiated upon contact, so you will have to email or telephone to discuss exactly what you need, and what they can offer you. Rest assured though, such professional service and equipment will not be easily affordable, but you do get what you pay for with such an important service if you want to get that first album perfect. The studio has a special deal with a nearby resort and spa if you really want to go all-out on luxury. Get in touch with Amberville to discuss exactly what you will need.

Big Space Studios is run by a producer, composer and musician, so is certain to be able to get exactly what you want from your recordings. The studio is also located in a tranquil setting in rural Northern Irish countryside, but is equally accessible from Belfast and Dublin, at the address 1 Cluain Air, Newry, BT34 1PW. With numerous microphones, a mouth-watering range of vintage amplifiers and guitars, backed by state-of-the-art new computer programs,  the studio has everything that might be needed to achieve top-quality results, so if you are considering making your first album, contact Big Space studios with the information they might need and get a quote. If you need to hear something first, the website features a range of audio and video that showcase the production talents of this studio, so that you will know the sort of sound that can be achieved with the right expertise and equipment, and whether this sound is right for you.

Graham House Studios has recently moved the location to Ravenhill Road, and this has led to an increase in their ability to pack in more high-end gear and make bands as comfortable as possible with more space to breathe. Rates are reasonable at a £140 per day, or £20 per hour, including an engineer, crucial to getting that professional sheen on your recordings. Guitars include a Gibson Les Paul and an American Fender Telecaster, powered by Fender and Marshall amps, as well as a wide range of effects and microphones. Ample monitor speakers and good mixing equipment make this studio a great choice for the band looking to finally record their music. Pictures of the old premises are on the website so that you can assess the level of equipment to get a feel for how it might work for you. A regular blog is also available on the website, featuring news updates and sound samples so that you can regularly read what's going on while listening to examples of what the studio can produce.

Sonic Visuals Recording Studio is another studio set in picturesque Northern Ireland, and boasts an extensive range of equipment, including vintage microphones, giving you that warm and classic '60s sounds. The other gear on offer appears to be endless, with more microphones, drums and percussion than you could ever need. The great analogue equipment is fed into some high-tech digital tools in order to marry the vintage sound with modern techniques. If this sounds like your thing, a half day's recording is £180 while a single song mix will set you back from £150. This appears to be on the expensive side, so this may be a choice of studio to go for when you are sure you have the perfect songs, and you have a bit of cash ready to spend on getting that CD really perfect. Sonic Visuals also offer a unique eMix service, in which you upload a song to be mixed and then the finished product is returned to you. This seems like a great time-saver, however, if you are serious about the sort of sound you want, it is perhaps better to talk in person and get a more bespoke mix done. Contact Sonic Visuals to have a more detailed chat about what you want from your recordings or mixes, or head to 34 Loughloughan Road, Broughshane, BT43 7HZ.

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